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by memphistnliving


Affordable Housing Options

I personally made a decision to relocate to Bartlett TN from New Jersey two years back. This is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. to start with home affordability is a major expense that does rob our happiness on a day to day basis.

You can check the Bartlett TN housing options offering Brand New Construction at very affordable housing ranges.

If you are looking for a Geo-arbitrage and thinking about alternate to Texas, Florida (which are way too expensive) now, Bartlett Tennessee the Memphis TN suburb is a hidden gem

Why not have a mortgage payment that lets you sleep better, focus on important things in your life including career, family?

Beautiful Weather Condition

According to sources online Bartlett TN the Memphis TN suburb has approximately 210-230 sunny days per year. That’s more than 60% of the year ) approximately. Why miss this wonderful opportunity if you are working remote, have an option to relocate to the location that has reasonable cost of living option with more sunny days making it icing on the cake?

Just because I moved from New Jersey I find this really interesting as I can walk a lot more outside the house, get more sunlight, be more energetic etc

Cost Of Living

This is a quantitative metric and keeps changing with personal choices. To start with there is NO STATE INCOME TAX!!! Big Savings if you happen to work Remote (Check with your auditor to confirm more on this)

Though the sales tax in Tennessee is greater compared to New Jersey (I’m talking about my personal example as I don’t have idea about other states), the cost of living is reasonable in Bartlett Tennessee. It starts with affordable housing option we discussed earlier, day care cost etc

The cost of groceries and utilities are comparable to most states. One interesting thing I see is Gas Prices in Bartlett Tennessee particularly COSTCO at Cordova Tennessee which abuts Bartlett TN is very reasonable. I personally own COSTCO membership and use it most of the time


Some of the schools in Bartlett TN have good school rankings

Shopping Options

There are ton lots of shopping options to choose from. I’ve covered major shopping complexes in Bartlett TN that are available as part of my Bartlett Tn Shopping playlist. I’m updating this from time to time


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